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The company Rennsport Wachter has its own racing team and currently has one race car driver.
Christian Wachter has been competing in the Drexler Formula Cup with his Dallara F308 / 10 FPT since 2017.
In his first Formula 3 season, he managed to take 3rd place in the overall ranking of the German Formula 3 Cup 2017.
Further successes are the 2nd place in the Remus Formula Junior Trophy 2018 and a 2nd place in the Ravenol Formula 3 Cup of the 2019 season.


Professional services from Rennsport Wachter in formula racing::

  • Driver coaching: Driver coaching with the instructor Christian Wachter
  • Racing car rental: Free practice with the Formula 3 racing car Dallara F308 / 10 (237PS, top speed 280km / h, weight approx. 500kg)
  • Racing: Participation in international races in the Drexler Formula Cup or FIA CEZ with the racing team Rennsport Christian Wachter
  • Trade with formula racing cars: acing accessories in formula racing: Purchase and sale of formula racing cars and racing tires, as well as in the area of karting: Intrepid chassis and engines
  • Transport Service: Car transport service for racing cars and classic cars


The small racing team Rennsport Wachter has only 2 teammembers: the racing driver Christian Wachter (19 years old) and his father Hans. The two have been racing across Europe with their own Formula 3 racing car since 2017 and compete against the large established racing teams from all over Europe.

While the big racing teams arrive with more than 4 mechanics, engineers, etc. per racing vehicle and with large truck trailers packed with new tires, the 2-man team from Kaiserslautern comes to the racetracks in Europe with a car transport trailer and a 20-year-old Audi A6. In the past few years the smallest team started the F3 races with used tires due to its very limited budget, which of course was a major disadvantage. Given the fact that the team has only a fraction of the budget of the other major racing teams at their disposal, it already has a considerable track record. In 2021 Rennsport Wachter will start again with a Formula 3 racing car from 2008 in the FIA ??Central European Championship (FIA CEZ) and will compete with the 13-year-old racing car in the E2000 class against the most powerful and newest Formula 3 vehicles. Support the smallest F3 racing team in Europe in the fight against the large, established racing teams and become a sponsor of the team. We would be happy to discuss the various options in detail in a personal meeting.

Calendar 2021

17.- 18. April   Hungaroring (HUN)   FIA CEZ
31. April - 2. Mai   Monza (ITA)   Drexler Formel Cup
20.- 23. May   Red Bull Ring (AUT)   FIA CEZ/ Drexler Formel Cup
11.- 13. June   Salzburgring (AUT)   Drexler Formel Cup
25.- 27. June   Spa (BEL)   Drexler Formel Cup
16.- 18. July   Imola (ITA)   Drexler Formel Cup
24.- 25. July   Grobnik (CRO)   FIA CEZ
21.- 22. August   Slovakiaring (SVK)   FIA CEZ
3.- 5. September   Brünn (CZE)   FIA CEZ/ Drexler Formel Cup
2.- 3. October   Hungaroring (HUN)   FIA CEZ


Formula Race Cars of the F3 racing team "Rennsport Christian Wachter":

  • 2016: Formel BMW FB02: 140 hp, 1200ccm, Topspeed 240km/h, weight ca. 460kg
  • Since 2017: Formula 3, Dallara F308/10 FPT: 237 hp, 2000ccm, Topspeed 280km/h, weight ca. 500kg